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Optimized production planning with SAP re-engineering and KI-based scheduling


The optimization of production planning is one of the most difficult problems in the manufacturing industry.

Our customer Swisspacer, which has multiple production facilities with a volume of thousands of production jobs, has been using time-consuming manual processes for the planning and scheduling of production jobs up to now. The vision was a KI-based solution that harmonizes and unifies the SAP processes and data of multiple production plants and uses this for the automated creation of production plans.

Our solution

Based on the re-engineering of SAP business processes, together with a Nagarro ‘Accelerator’ (KI-based dynamic planning), we have developed a solution to create the best possible production plan that takes into consideration factors such as customer delivery deadlines, job priority, machine capacity, tool availability, setup times, etc., and uses an optimization approach based on several algorithms.

We have restructured the SAP business processes with the aid of process models to improve business-critical transactions within the supply chain.

The solution that was developed by Nagarro is fully integrated into the production planning module (PP) of SAP via API. The solution also comprises interactive Gantt diagrams, analysis dashboards and notifications for user interventions and additional analyses.

Added value

In addition to transparent business processes, and better machine utilization on the shop floor, Swisspacer can plan with reduced setup times and costs as of immediately. Furthermore, the company has detailed flowed of information that make possible rapid decisions that have been elaborated at the same time.

About Swisspacer

SWISSPACER was established in 1998 and belongs to the Saint-Gobain group. The company operates worldwide and is a leader in many markets. SWISSPACER can be used efficiently in operations of any size. Small and medium-size manufacturers of insulating glass can process it manually and industrial operations can use the spacer with automated high-performance bending or welding machines in large quantities. Most of the insulating glass manufacturers in Europe rely on SWISSPACER as the warm edge spacer to be able their customers double and triple glazing with the best possible energy efficiency.

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