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Join us on the journey to the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

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Join us on the journey to the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud


SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is – as the name suggests – the new solution from SAP for a Data Warehouse in the Cloud. SAP is here placing a major focus on the solution as a means for both IT professionals and business units working together to unlock valuable information from the data. As is appropriate for a cloud product, the DWC also scales flexibly and therefore can be quickly adapted to requirements. The Data Warehouse Cloud builds on the SAP HANA platform, thus ensuring quick access to data with the in-memory technology that is used. Predefined Business Content and an end-to-end data integration approach from modeling to visualization mean that you start seeing very good results quickly.

The DWC has been generally available since November 2019 and we have been working with it since October 2019. We participated in an SAP Beta Program with two of our customers. Here we have not simply limited our efforts to the predefined SAP demo scenarios, but have also attempted to implement some common customer requirements.

From this experience one format stood out as particularly well suited as an introduction to the DWC: Our SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Jam.

This is an informal, collaborative workshop where you bring your specific knowledge of your business processes and requirements to the table and we contribute our own skills and experiences from our work with DWC.

We believe that our Jam, which incorporates numerous practical use cases, demos and hands-on opportunities, offers the ideal opportunity to get started with the new cloud-based Data Warehouse solution from SAP. For us the important thing is that you set the objectives of the Jam. Alternately, we can provide you with a base package of the most important functions.

We have been very impressed with DWC thus far and we see real potential in its future development and distribution. Especially in the area of data integrity and flexibility, the DWC is raising the bar, which means you can achieve the desired results very quickly.

For us the following points in the DWC stand out:

  • Extensive data integration:
  • Easy to use graphic modeling:
  • Modern visualization using the SAP Analytics Cloud:

Agenda for the Jam:

  • Introduction of the building blocks and use cases of the Data Warehouse Cloud.
  • Introduction to the modeling options of the Data Warehouse Cloud.
  • Data integration scenarios (relational databases, S/4HANA, ERP, BW, etc.).
  • Presentation of demo scenarios.
  • Hands-on application: Hands-on exercises in creating an analytic application of data integration from modeling to visualization.

Where should the Jam take place?

  • We will come to you or plan a virtual meeting and guide you through the application of the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

Which scenarios are you interested in?

  • We will use our test data or you can bring your own data to the Jam
  • You can also suggest specific scenarios.

You do not yet have a system? No problem!

  • A 30-day trial system offered by SAP is possible for the Jam implementation and proof-of-concept. With our Jam concept you can quickly familiarize yourself with the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and make an assessment based on your requirements.

Your options


We offer training and coaching concepts that allow you to make optimal use of the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

  • Classic training – Here you and your team are familiarized with the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and can actively work on the system using hands-on exercises.
  • Coaching – We will accompany you during a specific period of time as you work with the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and provide assistance as necessary or we can take on individual development projects.


Our motivation is to assist you in getting started with the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. Do you want to make sure that SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is right for your needs? We’ll be happy to perform the required proof-of-concept with you!

First you define the scope of your proof-of-concept and then we can develop your pilot scenario either for you, or even better in working with you. Your participation in the PoC is a critical component for us, because only in this way can you find out for yourself whether the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is right for the selected use case. We will also contribute our own expertise and experience to the process!


Please contact us. We will work with you to determine the right Jam format for you!

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