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Make IT!

Choose the path that suits you and train as an information technology specialist (m/f/x) specializing in applications development at our Leverkusen office.

Ready for the digital future?

Did you always choose playing on your computer over playing outside in the mud? Are you more interested in digitalization than history? If so, you’re in great hands with us! From the get-go, you will be a full-fledged member of our team of developers in Leverkusen which has dedicated itself to furthering the digitalization of public administrations.


Training that’s made for you!

In the course of your training, you will learn all the skills you will need as a software developer. At vocational college, you will learn, among other things, programming languages like Java and C#, and will learn which language lends itself best to which application. As a SAP partner, we work with the ABAP programming language developed by SAP.

You will initially tackle small programming tasks that you will subsequently present within your team, for you to then jointly further develop. You will also learn how to apply programming logic and methods, as well as about what to pay attention to when testing systems.

We will show you how to advise clients and how to create client-orientated application solution documentation. This also involves repeated visits to clients, meaning your work is not exclusively desk-based.



We offer various teaching platforms for practice purposes, enabling you to expand your knowledge independently, too.



In our weekly meeting, you will discuss current projects and tasks with your coworkers.



We don’t take things too seriously and enjoy joking around from time to time.

Our trainees

Directly assume responsibility

“I thought it was great that I could take charge of my own project after completing my training. In addition to software development, I was responsible for project management. It’s nice to be able to take on this kind of responsibility right away.”

Samah Nassar, Associate SAP Technical Consultant

Samah Nassar Nagarro ES

Still have some questions?
You will find all the important answers here!

Your instructor will welcome you to our office in Leverkusen, where you will meet your team and our current set of trainees. After this, we will set up your workplace together and you can then get down to work already.

They are usually from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Yes, once you have been onboarded with our processes and workflows, you will be able to work from home from time to time.

Your vocational college is Georg-Simon-Ohm Berufskolleg in Cologne.

Alongside your day-to-day work in the office, you will have theory training at the vocational college one or two days a week.

  • In the first year of training: Mondays and Tuesdays
  • In the second year of training: Wednesdays
  • In the third year of training: Thursdays and Fridays

Get your career off the ground with us now!

If you don’t want just any old job and do want to apply your professional and personal skills to your work, we are the ideal employer for you.

Nagarro ES Karriere für Absolventen

Your path to starting your career

Step 1

Submit an application

Send us your application documents including an employment reference and cover letter via our job portal.

Step 2


We will consider your application and will contact you if we need any additional documents.

Step 3

Initial acquaintance

You have passed the first post! We will then invite you to have a phone-based or video interview with one of our talent acquisition managers.

Step 4

Virtual acquaintance with the department

The next step: making initial acquaintance with your department contact.

Step 5

Receive a training contract

You’ve done it – you have secured a training contract.

Step 6

Welcome to the
Nagarro ES team

Welcome! We look forward to your joining us.

Jasmin Kunz Nagarro ES
Your contact
Jasmin Kunz, Talent Acquisition Manager

“A sense of having jointly achieved something and of having played an important part is what makes working at Nagarro ES stand out for me.”

Ellen Padilla Nagarro ES
Your contact
Ellen Padilla, Talent Acquisition Manager

“I think the relaxed and amicable way in which we interact with one another is a major bonus of our company, and stands for progress and innovation, too."

Florian Hermann Nagarro ES
Your contact
Florian Hermann, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

“For me, the candidate experience is more than just a buzzword – we want you to feel at home with us right from the start! That’s what we on the TA team are here for.”

Jeroen Klöppel Nagarro ES
Your contact
Jeroen Klöppel, Talent Acquisition Manager

“I enjoy working at Nagarro ES because all the coworkers support one another and there is a great atmosphere in the offices.”

Milan Battisti Nagarro ES
Your contact
Milan Battisti, Talent Acquisition Manager

“Autonomy, innovation, and teamwork are what make every day at Nagarro ES so unique.”

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