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Our experts report exclusively on experiences from SAP projects and keep you up to date on important topics.

XSA Virtual Modeling

In the fourth part of our XSA blog series we go into the details of virtual modeling and reporting. How is persistent data edited further? Which virtual modeling options are there? Which new features do XSA Calculation Views have? How can objects be selected in other HDI containers?

Multilinguality in SAC

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a cloud-based analysis instrument providing numerous characteristics and functions for data visualizations and analysis.This blog will explain how to implement Public Dimensions in various languages. We will show this in detail together with all the required system settings on the basis of a specific...

Performance analysis in the SAP Datasphere

Processing data poses great challenges for system performance, especially with rising data volumes. SAP Datasphere therefore offers us the ability to analyze performance and to locate problems. In this blog we will be taking a closer look at this capability.

The SAP Datasphere Analytic Model

The next generation of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is now known as SAP Datasphere. All functions of the DWC remain available, and have been expanded with new objects and functions such as the Analytic Model. This is a new object type that has the potential to radically change the...

Basic Principles of SAP HANA XSA

With SAP HANA XSA, SAP has set its strategic course for SAP HANA and put a clear focus on a modern development with isolated applications. With this step it is clear that XSC and with it the developments in the HANA Studio with packets and schemas are a thing...

SAP Data Marketplace

The "Data Marketplace" is a new functionality in the SAP Datasphere (former Data Warehouse Cloud) and makes it easy to load external data into the SAP Datasphere. In our current blog post we take a closer look.

BW/4 HANA Query Operations – all HANA or not?

This blog will present a short overview of possible causes of an analysis option. Due to the scope of this topic, this blog cannot give a complete overview of this subject and can only cover part of it.