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Our experts report exclusively on experiences from SAP projects and keep you up to date on important topics.

Automatic Stakeholder Determination in SAP Sales Cloud

One of many goals of a Sales Automation Software is to simplify or automate repetitive tasks. In this blog I would like to introduce one little, but not insignificant, trick that can save you a few clicks in the advanced sales process.

ABAP Restful Application Programming Model – part 1

The following contribution is intended to mark the beginning of a whole series of technically oriented blogs that will cover the “ABAP Restful Application Programming Model“ (RAP Model) as the de facto successor to the “ABAP Programming Model for SAP Fiori”.

Optimized mass runs for customer background reports

Sooner or later, in most cases, new customer enhancements or processes occur, which make it necessary to update a mass of affected objects (e.g. business partners), e.g. As per to a more complex determination and/or a buffer table, or to synchronize them to a third-party system.

SAP Improvement Finder

I'm often struck in my work as a consultant to learn that many SAP users, and a few of my consultant colleagues, are unfamiliar with the SAP Improvement Finder.

SAP Customer Connection CRM on premise 2021

In addition to promoting SAP Customer Experience solutions currently being spotlighted, such as SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP CRM is also supporting its On-Premise users and customers.

Mobile Development Kit (MDK)

When facing the challenge of providing mobile applications for your users, there are a number of challenges that have to be met. Duplicated effort is required because an app would have to be developed for each platform. Here SAP offers an alternative, the Mobile Development Kit (MDK).

SAP CX Suite

Moving to the Cloud requires process know-how. In addition to the technical understanding of the SAP CX Suite and HANA Cloud Integration, those who want to master the customer journey really need to work on their process understanding.