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AppGyver – SAP Development for Mobile Devices by Example

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There is another tool for app development at SAP in addition to MDK – AppGyver. The company has existed since 2010 and was acquired by SAP in 2021. A no-code/low-code approach is also being followed here. If needed, custom JavaScript rules can be programmed. And so, upon such an initial, high-level glance, there is no difference between the two approaches. However, the implementation differs enormously in detail. Personally, I find the development in MDK more intuitive, though this is probably just a matter of getting used to it. AppGyver is more flexible regarding layout and design; here, the controls can be placed with pixel precision if required.

Connectivity options

There are also various connection options here.

oData at App Gyver and MDK

However, especially with the oData, there are fewer authentication options.

Here are the MDK options for comparison

Sample app

The sample app reads a barcode and outputs the item and calories. In the development environment, the final app looks like this.

A REST API was connected.

The service can be tested directly

A scheme can be directly derived from the result

Another data resource was created; here, the barcode is mapped to the input of the service.

A rule has been implemented for the button.

And so, the button opens the scanner, and, with the scanned number, the service is accessed, and the result is then recorded. The app’s output fields then access the entity and display the value.

Function test

For testing purposes, the app “SAP AppGyver Preview” can be installed from the app stores. In the app, the app’s QR code is then scanned and can then be tested directly.

The determined data are correct.

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