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Document Flow in SAP Cloud for Customer (Integration Scenario)

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Standard Integration Scenario

Companies, which introduce an SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) system, mostly have the requirement that their Account Managers possess a comprehensive view of their customers’ documents, especially the receipts or vouchers for purchases. It is thereby extremely helpful when this view also comprises documents which have been physically created in another system: for example, follow-on documents for opportunities or quotations in SAP S4HANA. This is possible in an integrated system landscape.

Possibilities for a standard document flow

This blog is intended to highlight the possibilities for a standard document flow in SAP Cloud for Customer. The presented example scenario represents the SAP Cloud for Customer as connected to an SAP S/4HANA on Premise via SAP Cloud Integration (CI).

The following data is exchanged/replicated between the systems:

Figure 1: Data Replication

ID in the quotation document

The quotation will be replicated via the CI to the S/4HANA system after it has been created in C4C, where it will be allocated its own ID. This ID will, in turn, be entered and stored as an external ID in the quotation document in C4C. The relationship created can always be traced in this way. Here is an example with the C4C quotation ID 42 and the corresponding S/4HANA document 20000111:

Figure 2: Header Data for Quotation 42 in C4C

Creating a sales order

The additional documents are now created in S/4HANA by a member of the Sales Team. A sales order is initially created as the follow-on document to the quotation from C4C (5908). This is subsequently delivered (ID: 80004856). When one now opens quotation 42 in C4C and calls up the tab for the document flow, then the previously mentioned documents, including their status, are already displayed. Documents which are physically entered and stored in C4C appear in blue blocks, the documents from the connected S/4HANA are outlined in yellow:

Figure 3: Document Flow Section in C4

A print preview is therefore not only available for the quotation document in S/4HANA but also for the sales order and the delivery note, which are also loaded from S/4HANA:

Figure4 4: Print Preview Example

Additional information about the downstream documents

If one would like to receive additional information about the downstream documents for the delivery, then one can further expand the view on the plus sign under the delivery (see Figure 3):

Figure 5: Document Flow Section in C4

All information at a glance

The picking and sorting document, the goods issue and the bill also now appear with their respective IDs from S/4HANA.

This therefore means that the customer service representative possesses all the information about the status of order processing for the respective customer at a glance:

Figure 6: Complete Document Flow in C4C

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