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Further Improvements in the Mobile Development Kit (MDK)

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Version 6.1.1 is now available with some new controls and improvements. Therefore, this short blog shows a few examples of the innovations introduced.


For example, there is now image control for displaying images more flexibly. Previously this was only possible using several controls and the display was quite small and restricted.

Inline Signature Capture

You can now use the Inline Signature Control directly in the Form Cell Container. This is much more convenient because it allows you to sign directly on the page.

Data Table

With this control it is now possible to display data in a table. You can fix the first column.

UI Fragments

If you display any fact several times in your app, you can now create UI Fragments that can be reused. The advantage is that when changes are made, only the fragment needs to be adjusted and there is no risk of forgetting to make an adjustment.

UI Improvements

Because the filter options have been improved, it is now also possible to save the user’s filters so they are retained when the user restarts the app. In addition, there is now an automatic “More” icon in the toolbar, which automatically creates a popover menu if there are too many entries.

Grouping Within a Sectioned Table

Now multiple sections can be displayed within a table. This means that data can be displayed in groups.

Own Events

You can now define your own events as well as trigger and react to them accordingly.

Direct Display of an oData Image

This new feature saves a little work. Previously you had to load images from the backend, save them as a file and then display the file. From now on it is possible to display the $value content directly. Thus, you can save yourself the detour via the file system.

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