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SAP Customer Connection CRM on premise 2021

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The open period to submit product improvement suggestions for the CRM On-Premise offer from SAP is underway

In addition to promoting SAP Customer Experience solutions currently being spotlighted, such as SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP CRM is also supporting its On-Premise users and customers. They will be able to submit product improvement proposals, which could be selected for implementation as part of the Customer Connection program. In this post you will find out exactly how this cooperation works and what suggested improvements exist, etc

Customer Connection CRM 2021

SAP offers its customers various channels across the different product lifecycle phases for influencing software products under the Customer Influence Framework. Customer Connection, as part of the Customer Influence Framework, focuses on improving existing SAP software products. As of 1.3.21 CRM On-Premise, customers can thus submit improvement suggestions under the categories of usability and functionality. This year, incidentally, S/4HANA for Customer Management On-Premise will also for the first time fall within the scope of the initiative along with SAP CRM. All suggestions that are submitted by 4/18/21 and that have received 10 or more likes from the community by that date will have a chance to be selected for future product improvement and be implemented by SAP. The project timeline is as follows:

SAP Customer Connection CRM 2021 – Project Timeline © SAP

Suggested improvements

Last year we already placed ideas for the target group export. I reported on this in my blog post “New Target Group Export Function in SAP CRM“ LINK For 2021 also we have already submitted a suggested improvement for usability. The suggestion is that users should be able to use a multi-select dropdown list to personalize the displayed list of event types for their needs. Instead of 40 event types, for example, users can then display just the seven event types they actually need at any time in the selection window. As a result, event types can then be more easily and time efficiently selected. In the following we can see a selection window with various entries, which once the suggested improvement is implemented can be reduced by the specific user using the added multi-select dropdown.

A more user-friendly list can be designed after implementing the proposed improvement

But this proposal also can only be implemented with at least 10 likes. If you like the idea, you can also vote at


Also in 2021, customers and users can actively take part in the product improvement of the CRM On-Premise offer from SAP. Suggested improvements will also for the first time be considered for S/4HANA for Customer Management On-Premise. If you also have suggestions for improvement, you can submit them now. We will be happy to help you in any way with the development and submission of your suggestion.

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