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SAP Improvement Finder

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Benefit from Customer Connection Product Improvements

I’m often struck in my work as a consultant to learn that many SAP users, and a few of my consultant colleagues, are unfamiliar with the SAP Improvement Finder. It is a tool that you can use to optimize SAP systems for functionality and usability. Therefore, in this article I will introduce the Improvement Finder.

Finding product improvements

With an S-user, you can search in the SAP Support Portal for SAP Notes and SAP Knowledge Base articles. This type of search is generally appropriate especially in cases where you have a specific problem and need to find a solution to it. But for potential SAP users and current users who are not S-users, this search function is not available. Because these contents are often very specific and are aimed at technical implementation, it’s not suitable for non-S users. But all those who are interested in benefiting from product improvements can use the Improvement Finder, which you can access with the following link

It offers a clean and intuitive web interface that you can use to find product improvements that originated in the Customer Influence Initiative. In the case of SAP Customer Connection, the product improvements can be in the areas of functionality and usability. Here you can search in detail via

  • Text search,
  • Product area (e.g. CRM and Customer Experience),
  • Customer Influence Project title (e.g. CRM 2020),
  • Customer Influence projectTyp (z.B. SAP Customer Connection) and the 
  • publication date

In this way you can also find previously implemented CRM on premise product improvements. But you cannot find product improvements that have been planned for implementation by SAP but not yet realized.

Anyone who would like to actively help improve SAP products, the article “SAP Customer Connection CRM on premise 2021” will serve as an introduction to the topic.

An example of a search incl. result list is provided in the following figure.

Search for CRM product improvements 2020 © SAP

Benefit from product improvements

After finding a potentially interesting production improvement, you can view the details to obtain additional information. In addition to a text description, you will also find the links to the relevant Customer Influence site and to the S-Note, which can be accessed via S-user.

Details of a product improvement that is found © SAP


With the Improvement Finder, SAP provides a simple and intuitive tool that can also and especially be used by non S-users to search product improvements. Good luck and enjoy the implementation of product improvements!

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