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SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit – direct transfer approach

Table of Contents

Project creation

Since Release 1909 the S/4HANA Migration Cockpit has offered the option to migrate data directly from an SAP ERP system into the S/4HANA system (direct transfer approach). This blog contribution is based on S/4HANA Release 1909 FSP02.

When creating a migration project in the App “Migrate your data – Direct transfer” then in addition to the scenario (here SAP ERP to SAP S/4HANA) also specify directly the relevant RFC connection to the SAP ERP source system.

Fig. 1: Definition of migration project

In the same way, at the start specify directly from which accounting area the data to be migrated is to be read from. A number of very basic assignments )such as plants, sales organizations, purchasing organizations, etc. ) depend on this central selection criterion, which in turn mist be taken into consideration in the data selection in the source system. These criteria are then predefined per migration object as a filter and can be displayed in transaction LTMOM; here taking the example of purchasing area 0001 with filtering and the assigned sales organization(s) of the SAP ERP source system.

Fig. 2: Predefined filter

Data selection

The data in the source system is determined based on the selection and filtering criteria (selection options) and the key fields of the selection results are retained in a generated database table in the source system.

Fig. 3: Selection results in the source system

The selection results are likewise saved in a generated database table in the target system; additional detail data is already included here, such as the account group, sales organization, marketing route, etc., in addition to the customer number.

Fig. 4: Selection results in the target system

Note:The generated DDIC objects of the Migration Cockpit are assigned to the local package of the user.

Mapping tasks

Value mappings (MAP_*), fixed values, conversion routines (CVT_*), among others, can be saved here at the field level in the target processing area. The value mapping can be parametrized such that it is present as a mapping task in the Fiori App and the individual values are to be explicitly confirmed once again there.

Fig. 5: Field mapping in the target processing

The value mapping (SAP default or the customer’s own mapping) can be downloaded from the LTMOM, edited locally and then uploaded again. The most recent release levels also allow more convenient options and direct value mapping in the Fiori App.

Fig. 6: Example of value mapping

Simulation and migration

The selected and mapped data is simulated by the API in the simulation; here taking the example for the migration object customer the API “CMD_MIG_BP_CVI_CREATE.”

Fig. 7: Example API for simulation

As a rule, important findings are made in the simulation run that are of importance for the subsequent migration process. The error-free simulated datasets are transferred in the next migration step, any datasets with errors remain in the simulation and can be further edited here.

Fig. 8: Example simulation and migration step


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