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Managing SAP Authorizations & Observing Compliance Guidelines

For 15 years, we have been using sustainable solutions and our wealth of expertise to help companies optimize their SAP authorizations and consistently meet their SAP compliance requirements.

The Challenges you face

After years of using an SAP system, companies generally find that SAP authorizations have sprung up all over the place. Neither user departments nor IT units have a clear overview. Moreover, authorizations that once made sense no longer fit a corporate organization that has changed and moved on.

These days, there are also many new compliance requirements – such as the need for strict functional separation to be reflected in SAP authorizations too.

A lack of transparency about SAP authorizations also makes it difficult to keep track of which SAP licenses are assigned to which SAP users. In many cases, expensive “Professional User” licenses are allocated. But since no one knows the potential to optimize the SAP license landscape, nothing is done about it.

Data protection officers, IT security units and audit teams frequently call for excess SAP authorizations to be rolled back. Yet corporate departments shy away from defining their need for SAP authorizations on a need-to-know basis. Fearing exorbitant costs, they avoid, reject or simply never complete redesign projects.

Joining, leaving and moving to a different position are standard processes in every company. Yet many organizations never manage to get the necessary SAP authorizations quickly adapted.

Our Solutions

We review your SAP authorizations and reveal any weaknesses. We propose alternative solutions and help you find the target scenario that suits you best. We handle the administration of SAP authorizations and SAP users during day-to-day operation and ensure constant adherence to all compliance requirements.

We validate your SAP users. Do they have the right SAP licenses? Given their individual use of the SAP system, would a less expensive license be sufficient? What SAP licenses can your company use? We give you all the support you need at every phase of the SAP license optimization and SAP license audit process.

We use predefined Nagarro best-practice roles and intelligent tools when designing and testing SAP roles. This approach reduces the cost of redesigns for the user departments. Our best-practice approach has delivered outstanding results for many customers as they redesigned their SAP authorization landscape.

We review your existing processes and work with you to identify potential for improvements – based on organizational modifications and the use of tools to automate certain processes or process steps.

Why choose Nagarro ES as your partner ?

More than 40 customers mean that we are one of the leading German consultancies for the optimization and administration of SAP authorizations.

We provide comprehensive Consulting Services in the area of SAP authorizations:

1. SAP authorizations redesign based on the Nagarro best-practice approach

  • Use of predefined Nagarro best-practice roles
  • Based on requirements derived from the EU’s GDRP
  • Elimination of existing risks (SoD and DSAG test guidelines)

2. SAP Compliance Health Check

  • Analyses of SAP users and SAP authorizations to verify full compliance, e.g. functional separation (SoD)
  • Analysis of the use of assigned SAP roles and authorizations
  • Analysis of SAP license usage
  • Identification of weaknesses in SAP authorizations

3. Privacy/data protection/EU GDPR

  • Support during the “Analyzing data “, “Protecting data” and “Blocking and deleting data” phases
  • SAP system security (e.g. clean-up of RFC user authorizations without interrupting the SAP interfaces)

We also provide comprehensive Managed Services in the area of SAP authorizations:

  • Day-to-day administration of SAP authorizations (first, second and third-level support)
  • SAP license audits/SAP license optimization
  • Automated monitoring and blocking of inactive/departed SAP users (Nagarro reports)

We use the following proprietary and partner-developed tools in the context of SAP authorizations:

  • ComplianceNow: Nagarro tools in the ComplianceNow Suite for monitoring SAP authorizations, e.g. to analyze risks inherent in SAP authorizations. For more information, please visit our ComplianceNow page.
  • XAMS Suite: Use of the XAMS Suite from our partner Xiting in projects to redesign SAP authorizations.
  • International experience – In more than ten countries

  • Competent consultants – Cooperation between equals

  • Knowledge leaders – Authorization concepts for S/4HANA

  • Reliable tools – Making good use of automation

What our Authorization Experts have to say

We asked one of our people how important authorization systems are to today’s companies.

“A good authorizations concept is crucial to enable high-quality processes. To my mind, this potential still tends to be underestimated.”

Gabriele Ernst, Senior Consultant SAP Authorizations

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Mario Hendrich Allgeier ES

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