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Expertise for the Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is subject to stringent requirements in terms of operational excellence, cost-effectiveness, and legislation. In this regard, the security of production processes and product logistics plays a vital role.  With our expertise, we chelp companies tackle market challenges in a flexible way.

Digitalizing the Chemical Industry

The challenges within the chemical industry are not only complex, but also highly dynamic. At the same time, technology offers not only solutions to reduce process costs but also additional services for the customer and new business models. We possess both the industry expertise and technological knowledge required to illustrate innovative approaches using specific client examples – and then evaluate these approaches for use in your company.

Challenges and Opportunities for the Chemical Industry

The increasing differentiation between commodity chemical and specialty chemical manufacturers has resulted in considerable complexity within global supply chains. Large international production capacities need to be incorporated within companies’ logistics systems. The industry is characterized by mergers, acquisitions, and considerable cost pressure. Companies have to be able to integrate new business areas and units at short notice. We will help you meet challenges with innovative technologies and methods.


Harnessing Potential

Digitalization offers huge opportunities for the future of your company. To seize these opportunities, you need a robust and integrable ERP system that enables you to implement future innovations in an agile way.  We support companies with the platform as well as consulting on current innovations.


Artificial Intelligence in Chemicals

We will show you how artificial intelligence can help you identify promising applications within your R&D pipeline and optimize your production planning with real-life examples that our clients are already using. Let us show you how digital innovations can add value to your company.


Integrating New Business Models

Taking over new business areas, consolidating units, and selling a product line all necessitate a plethora of organizational, process-related, and IT measures. We have been helping chemical companies modify their organizational and process models for 20 years. Change management, SAP carve-outs, system consolidation, and rollouts are the basis for success, cost-efficiency, and agility to reflect a new business model.

Operational Excellence

Cost Leadership Built on Best Practices

More than 20 years of experience in the chemical industry are reflected in the capabilities of our advisory team and in our tools (Fit4-Template, SolMan4Chemicals). Our innovation labs will show you application scenarios for cutting-edge technologies such as AI, augmented reality, and the Internet of Things in R&D, manufacturing, and maintenance. This is how we make sure that we find the best process solution for you and that legal requirements are always met.

Fit4Chemicals: Our SAP S/4HANA Template for the Chemical Industry

With Fit4Chemicals, we provide you with a preconfigured SAP S/4HANA system, including comprehensive process documentation all the way to training and testing documents.

SAP S/4HANA Template

Industry Template

The solution comprises an SAP S/4HANA template that has proven its mettle in numerous projects and includes comprehensive documentation in the SAP Solution Manager. This solution is a unique application life cycle management package  for the implementation and testing of SAP S/4HANA at companies in a regulated environment.

Open and Flexible

Hybrid System Landscape

Whether displaying batch tracing, integrating laboratory or weighing systems, or incorporating your supply chain partners in contract manufacturing and third-party logistics scenarios, our Fit4Chemicals industry template is open, with process orchestration a routine procedure for our consultants.

Reliable Implementation

On Time and On Budget

This is not a slogan, but our claim. Whether new launches, system expansions, or SAP S/4HANA transformations, we stick to budgets and deadlines on our projects – always on par with our customers. This is the basis for successful projects and thus satisfied customers.

Planning Transparency

Agreed Results

Our approach makes it possible to achieve planning transparency after just a short time. Process specification catalogs (complete with desired add-ons) make it possible to provide high-quality investment, budget, and project planning after just a few workshops.

As an SAP full-service provider, we offer you the entire spectrum of SAP expertise, combined with our industry know-how.

A Partnership of Equals

Focusing on SMEs

With multiple projects already under our belt, we know exactly how to implement SAP solutions at SMEs. We always act in a spirit of equal partnership. 


Interdisciplinary Expertise

Thanks to the close links between disciplines within Nagarro, we generate unique added value for our clients. As such, there is no need for the costly integration of external partners. 

A Pragmatic Approach

Industry-Specific Solutions

We will implement the ideal overall solution with SAP S/4HANA as the digital core. Thanks to our Fit4Chemicals industry package, which is the result of more than 20 years of industry expertise, we will reduce your implementation time and costs.

Always Up to Date

Extensive SAP Expertise

The SAP ecosystem is our home turf. We maintain a close partnership with SAP, and are therefore always up to date with the very latest technologies. Our passion is bringing SAP innovations to life for our clients.

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