Living Innovation

Discover some of the innovative projects we have brought to life with our customers and partners.

Customer Interaction Analysis

In one innovative research project, we collected semantic and meta-information from unstructured data records (e‑mails) and linked it to transactional data.

That gave us detailed insights and enabled us to automate processes using the SAP Data Hub and SAP HANA.

IOT & SAP Leonardo

We developed one of the first end-to-end Leonardo IoT use cases for the retail industry. To do so, we are using SAP Leonardo IoT Services 4.0 & Leonardo Application Enablement to bring multiple streams together, control them and aggregate the sensor data.

This data is then transferred to SAP HANA to link it to the process data. We also use the data to optimize workflows.

Augmented Reality

In an innovative pilot project, we are developing an augmented reality use case for employees based on SAP HANA data.

With the aid of the FIORI app, employees receive additional information about vegan and lactose-free products, as well as about aluminum-free deodorants.

Native Hana Product-Recommendation

“Smart Recommendation” is an integrated, analytical approach whose aim is to supply customers with precise and individual purchase recommendations based on a detailed, 360-degree knowledge of those customers.

Optimized, HANA-based recommendations can be used in real time at all touchpoints by factoring in all available customer information.

SAP Car with OAA & OPP

We are replacing a customer’s proprietary integration system with SAP CAR. As part of the project, a GK POS & Hermes POS system will be integrated in SAP CAR via web services.

Thanks to the integration of OAA for real-time inventories and OPP for advertising-related real-time prices, both retailers are well placed for the future.

Product- & Customer Searches

In retail contexts, product and customer searches are fundamental functions.

In cooperation with SAP, we have optimized these “basics” by enriching them with sophisticated functions such as boosting, term mapping and geographic components. We have also improved the search algorithms.

Voice Interaction

What is the easiest way to obtain product information? Just ask for it!

A voice interface that uses Google’s speech-to-text API and corresponding fuzzy logic in the SAP S/4 system gives customers appropriate answers to their questions.

The function can be used not only to access information about products, but to actually order them directly.

Electronic Shelf Label Integration

We collaborate very closely with ses-imagotag, the global market leader for ESLs. Our aim is to demonstrate applications that go far beyond merely presenting standard product information and individual pricing.

Products with certain features can, for example, flash or use other visual signals so that customers can find them more easily. The potential is equally exciting for employee and rackjobber processes.

GO Concept in Pop-Up Format

Our IoT BoxX is fully integrated in SAP and demonstrates our take on Amazon’s GO concept. The focus is on a simple way to choose and buy products without the hassle of going via the checkout.

This pop-up store pools Nagarro ES’s expertise and retail industry experience in a highly compact format, anticipating what shopping experiences might look like in the future.

The IoT BoxX puts forward solution strategies that are already feasible today, but also models approaches that will probably be market-ready in the years ahead.

The solutions presented in-store can be mapped without difficulty onto other, more traditional forms of chain store and retail concepts.

Experience the IoT Boxx Live

See the features of our IoT Boxx in a video – or experience them live here at Nagarro ES!


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Want to join with us in shaping the future? Innovation is something we live out!

Stefan Gerum, Head of Retail Innovation, is the person to talk to!

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Want to join with us in shaping the future? Innovation is something we live out!

Stefan Gerum, Head of Retail Innovation, is the person to talk to!

Contact Stefan now