Smooth-Running SAP Applications

Our application management services guarantee the smooth operation of all your company’s SAP applications.

Why Application Management?

Application management is useful for companies of any size and in every industry. SMEs stand to benefit the most, as they often lack the IT and process management resources they would need to guarantee stable, high-quality applications and drive innovation.

Application management services give you greater flexibility. When you want to put new ideas into practice, a heavy workload often has to be squeezed into a very short time.

When that happens, it is good to have a partner whose application management services give you scalable solutions.

Application management is ideal especially in phases when all the company’s expertise and capabilities are tied up in core processes.

That is the case especially during growth and expansion phases, but above all when companies are going through a recession phase.

Your CIO might want to reposition the IT landscape and implement new technologies to realize lower-cost processes, for example. In many cases, however, companies do not have the resources they need to manage these technologies in the long term.

Under such circumstances, it is worthwhile turning to an external partner who can consistently deliver professional application management services.

As IT innovation cycles grow shorter and shorter, companies are having to adapt their business processes ever faster.

At the same time, necessary technological innovations have an ever more serious impact on companies’ elementary core processes.

Topics such as IoT, Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence (AI) are just a few of the better-known buzzwords that all companies must face up to – not to mention migrating to cloud-based or hybrid application models and making good use of blockchain technology.

Few companies are able to master these challenges in their own strength alone. In the years ahead, it will therefore be more important than ever to line up with professional partners.

How you benefit

  • In-depth expertise even for small IT teams
    Thanks to outsourcing to experienced partner firms

  • Fast response times
    In the event of significant incidents and changes

  • Scalable services to cover for special circumstances
    Coverage for long-term illnesses, parental leave, sabbaticals etc.

  • Parallel project implementation
    Implementation of roll-outs, upgrades and other projects with no disruptions to productive operations

Why choose Nagarro ES as your partner ?

Nagarro ES – an SAP Gold Partner and winner of the Pinnacle Award – is one of the best places to go for SAP services of all kinds.

Our services are based on clearly defined service level agreements (SLAs). Transparency about everything we do is not confined to periodical reports, but is also reflected into free customer access to the tools we use.

We also apply strict quality management across all our processes to continually optimize our collaboration with you.

  • ITIL processes – Standardized procedures

  • Clearly defined SLAs  – For precise contractual arrangements

  • SAP Cloud Partner – Close cooperation with SAP

  • International experience – Global expertise

What our application management experts have to say

We asked our Senior Delivery Director what application management means to him.

“Application management is the link between IT processes and corporate processes. We work closely with you to come up with innovative solutions for your company.”

Johannes Zehnle, Senior Delivery Director
Stefan Rother

Interested in our application management services?

Stefan Rother, our Head of Technology Services, will be happy to help you!

Contact Stefan now
Stefan Rother

Interested in our application management services?

Stefan Rother, our Head of Technology Services, will be happy to help you!

Contact Stefan now