What you want is what you get

Our service desk is key to your successful IT service management!

Why have an IT service desk ?

Outsourcing the IT service desk makes good sense for companies of all sizes in all industries. That said, our experience shows that SMEs in particular reap the greatest benefits.

Many firms in this bracket simply don’t have the IT manpower to provide consistent 24/7 support to a high quality.

You are free to devote more internal resources to second and third-level tasks.

In the near future, the trends toward digitalization and automation will revolutionize service desk activities, allowing ever more complex tasks to be handled by service desks.

How you benefit

  • Single point of contact
    Our service desk is your single, central point of contact, covering every required level of availability and every language, plus customer-specific requirements.

  • Efficiency gains
    Specialized teams and/or the integration of nearshore or offshore resources maximize service desk efficiency.

Why choose Nagarro ES as your partner ?

Nagarro ES offers you made-to-measure service desk solutions.

Nagarro ES covers every form of service desk, including both first and second-level service. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, service desk activities can be delivered in a variety of models:

  • Shared: The customer is integrated in an existing service desk team.
  • Dedicated: A permanent team that does not work for any other customers is assigned to the customer.
  • Combined: A permanent team is assigned to the customer but is backed by a shared team to cover peak periods.

This entire service can be provided with 24/7 coverage from within Germany. Nearshore and offshore components are available on request.

  • Service Desk
    In Germany

  • 24/7 Service
    Our experts are available to you around the clock

  • 1st / 2nd Level Support
    Remote and monitoring activities

  • Modular Support Concepts
    Maximum flexibility

  • In-House Training Center
    To provide professional staff training