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BW Housekeeping Cockpit

With a HANA database, the rule that storage space doesn’t cost anything no longer applies. So what should you do if your SAP BW system continues to grow? Our storage space optimization and system hygiene will show you how even just minor optimizations can lead to major effects.

Optimize your SAP BW systems and save money

Introducing and using a HANA database is considerably more expensive when compared with conventional databases. Greater importance should therefore be attached to efficiency when it comes to allocating storage space. Analyze and optimize your BW systems simply and intuitively with our BW Housekeeping Cockpit.


Companies that use SAP BW need to give some consideration to storage space allocation, especially if there are plans for a HANA migration.

What is the Nagarro BW Housekeeping Cockpit?

Our BW Housekeeping Cockpit is a software solution for system maintenance, during ongoing operations and when preparing to migrate to HANA. It will also help you optimize your HANA database allocation. The intuitive user interface provides you with all the information relevant to storage space management and system hygiene.

Increased system performance and stability

Potential to save up to 30% of your storage space

Detailed overview of
storage space management and system hygiene

Exclusive tool: unrivaled in the market

Our services

Typically, our consultants will install the tool and perform an analysis together with you. The results are then presented and measures are jointly evaluated.

We will analyze your SAP BW system and show you where there is potential for you to optimize your database allocation. For example, in relation to PSAs and change log tables which are not periodically deleted, change log tables which are not used, InfoProviders no longer used for reporting, and objects which are no longer used like process chains, DTPs, InfoPackages, and queries.


Our solutions

We optimize storage space, performance, and system hygiene by means of data cleansing within InfoProviders and with best practices for data life cycle management and NLS archiving. We also develop predefined solutions for the automated deletion of PSAs and change logs, and provide tools for analyzing data age and checking the naming conventions for BW objects.

We attend to PSAs and change log tables which are not periodically deleted or are not used and also identify irrelevant InfoProviders and objects which are no longer used like process chains, DTPs, InfoPackages, and queries.

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Ilias Hatzisymeonidis, Managing Consultant SAP Analytics

“An SAP BW system can be analyzed quickly and efficiently with the Nagarro BW Housekeeping Cockpit. In just two days, we will highlight potential for savings of up to 30% for you!”

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