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SAP Compliance with ComplianceNow

Driven by digitalization, the issue of IT compliance is emerging from its niche and becoming a central nexus for the majority of processes and the data flowing through companies. We will help you operate your SAP system – and the related processes – in a compliant manner.

Bridging the Gap between IT and Business

We have been handling the implementation of IT compliance at national and international clients – both SMEs and major corporations alike – for many years, supporting these firms with the increasingly complex management of SAP compliance, the harmonization of processes, the task of increasing transparency, and the automation of complex manual processes.
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Our ComplianceNow Suite – Making IT Compliance Feasible and Transparent

The ComplianceNow Suite comprises six components that enable you to provide information at all times and streamline your internal compliance processes. 


A preventive SoD solution that allows your authorizations team to manage a professional SoD process without any hassle.


Supplies the compliance team and other stakeholders with real-time information on transaction usage.


SAP-integrated risk management and ICS framework that digitalizes controls within your company.

Process Manager

Speeds up your authorization tests and transforms authorization management into a reliable and efficient process.

User Access

A controlled environment for the issuing, documentation, and monitoring of access rights in support cases/emergencies.


You can save time that is otherwise spent unproductively on resolving password problems and also offer password services 24/7.

Authorization Process Manager (APM)
Efficient Management of Authorization Testing

APM speeds up your authorization testing and transforms authorization management into a reliable and efficient process. APM supports your entire testing process, from the design phase and role development through to the test and go-live phases. APM lets you reduce your testing time by up to 75%. APM not only supports S/4HANA migration, but also authorization error reporting in the Fiori Launchpad.

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Access Control (AC)
Automation of the SoD Process

AC is a preventive, SAP-integrated, and certified SoD solution that focuses on core risk management processes. The module offers just the right blend of functionalities for a professional SoD process and can be easily operated by your authorizations team. Thanks to a workflow function, risk library, dashboards, and detailed reporting options, AC ensures secure and efficient SoD management.

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Usage Monitor (UM)
Real-Time Compliance Analysis

UM is a component that supports real-time compliance analysis and that enables the compliance team to supply other compliance stakeholders (e.g. senior management, internal audit) with critical information as a basis for decision-making. Thanks to the four different modules, the solution is perfect when it comes to preparing relevant data for decision-makers in a matter of minutes.

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Internal Control (IC)
Digitalization of Your control Systems

The lack of a digitized internal control process brings with it a long list of problems. ComplianceNow’s Internal Control module helps you ensure the definition, execution and control of processes via an SAP-integrated risk management and ICS framework.

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ComplianceNow is SAP-certified and has proven
its mettle in 150 client installations worldwide.


Ongoing SAP Compliance

“In a nutshell, we are delighted with ComplianceNow. We are reaching our goal of ensuring ongoing compliance in terms of SAP authorizations.”
Silke Teichner, Global IT Compliance Manager, Aenova

Impressive Support

“I am very impressed with the tool itself, but even more so with the project support.”

Barry Savage, Group SAP GRC Manager, Mediclinic

Simplified Risk Control

“Thanks to ComplianceNow, the internal TenneT risk control process is supported and simplified effectively within SAP authorizations.”
IT Compliance, TenneT


The ComplianceNow Suite

The ComplianceNow Suite makes SAP compliance feasible and transparent

Access Control

Achieve and maintain SoD compliance

Internal Control

Let us digitalize your internal control process

Authorization Process Manager

Test your SAP authorizations with up to 75% more efficiency

Usage Monitor

Make sound decisions in the area of SAP role management

Emergency User Access

Emergency User Access enables SAP users to get privileged access to the SAP system in emergency cases in a controlled environment.

Password Reset

Password Reset from ComplianceNow is a self-service workflow for requesting a new password for SAP-users.

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Alina Feyh, Demand Generation Manager

“We link two highly complex worlds with our SAP-integrated and certified add-ons. SAP and compliance can – and should – go hand in hand. By implementing streamlined and automated processes, we facilitate smoother and more transparent collaboration.”

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