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maiTour for SAP® Sales Cloud

Drive 15% less while making 10% more customer visits!
Intelligent Tour and Call Planning for SAP® Sales Cloud.

Top 3 benefits of using
maiTour for SAP® Sales Cloud

  1. Prioritize visiting the optimal, highest-value customers.
  2. Increase the number of daily customer visits by up to 10%.
  3. Drive smarter, reducing mileage by 15% to save time and money.
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How maiTour for SAP® Sales Cloud works

Reduce your travel time and boost your team’s efficiency based on your priorities in 3 simple steps:

1. Sets trip priorities & logic

Adjusts planning periods and overnight stays. MaiTour takes fixed or private appointments from the SAP Sales Cloud calendar and automatically selects which customers to visit so that you can visit as many as possible.

2. Optimizes your route

Geo-optimizes your sales route with both real-time and historical traffic information. You start your day with a ready-to-go plan in a friendly clickable map view.

3. Dynamically syncs your day

One click and you’re good to go, with all visits automatically transferred into your Sales Cloud Calendar.

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Some References

Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

maiTour for SAP® Sales Cloud - 200+ users
maiConnect for SAP® Sales Cloud - 150 users

Project Goals

  •  Implementation of maiTour for more than 200+ users
  • Implementation of maiConnect for 150 users
  • Implementation of maiTour as a solution to steer sales and to ensure ideal visit frequencies while providing the relevant customer information
  • Minimization of travel times and helping sales teams visit the most relevant customers
  • Fully automized synchronization of e-mails, appointments, tasks and contacts in realtime


maiTour for SAP® Sales Cloud - 200 users
maiConnect for SAP® Sales Cloud - 750 users

Project Goals

  •  Digitization, harmonization and facilitation of the sales processes with the smart and dynamic tour planning tool (maiTour)
  • Bi-directional real-time synchronization of appointments, e-mails, tasks and further objects between SAP Sales Cloud and Microsoft Outlook with maiConnect
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Oliver Mosick, Senior Sales Manager

“With our SAP add-ons, companies can make better use of their resources and seamlessly integrated data as a means of generating greater value added.”

All the features you need for intelligent tour and call planning in SAP Sales Cloud.

Create routes with intelligent prioritization proposals in 3 easy steps.
Adjust planning periods and overnight stays.
Automatically display relevant customers in the workbasket (by priority).
Plan around previous appointments from the SAP Sales Cloud calendar.
Identify prioritized customers on the fly with “around me” search.
Utilize end user ability to edit, customize, or enhance the route.
Display needed information like travel duration, preparation, starting time, and date.
Add specific customers or customers within your radius (based on GPS) with personalization option.
See all your generated appointments in the standard calendar view of SAP Sales Cloud.

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