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SAP Finance Add-Ons: For More Efficiency in the Finance Department

Working in a finance department is usually characterized by a plethora of routine tasks. With our smart add-ons, you can liberate employees from some of these duties, giving them more time to focus on core responsibilities.

Boosting Productivity

Finance departments that utilize our smart add-ons reap the rewards. After all, the add-ons boost efficiency by saving time and money. Employee productivity increases, especially on core tasks, and work becomes perceptibly easier. Last but not least, all add-ons are fully integrated within SAP, meaning that employees can use all solutions in a single system.

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Our SAP Finance add-ons significantly ease the strain on companies’ finance departments. We will help and support you with the launch, thereby boosting efficiency.

VAT ID Validation

This represents the optimum solution when it comes to performing convenient, compliant, and automated VAT ID validation within all processes.

  • Standardized processing
  • Automatic validation
  • Automatic archiving
  • Automatic registered address search
  • Flexibility thanks to customization

Confirmation of Arrival

Confirmation of Arrival

Thanks to our SAP add-on, you are now able to automatically produce Confirmations of Arrival, thus meeting the requirements for the issuing of a VAT-exempt invoice pursuant to Section 17a of the German VAT implementation directive (UStDV).

  • Mandatory document when shipping within the EU
  • Recipient confirms receipt of the goods
  • Production and dispatch
  • pursuant to Sect. 17a UStDV

Dispute Case Management

With our Dispute Case Management (DCM) add-on, companies benefit from the ideal tool for the efficient management of dispute cases.

  • Standardization of a business process performed manually
  • Eases the burden on accounts receivable
  • Shorter processing times and reduced costs
  • Reduction in outstanding receivables
  • Competitive edge through digitalization

Speed Advice

With our SAP add-on SpeedAvis, companies benefit from the ideal tool for the automated and efficient processing of electronic remittance advice notes.

  • Simple processing of payment advice notes
  • Reduction in manual follow-up work
  • Standardized remittance note processing
  • Straightforward intercompany processing
  • Various inbound interfaces

Invoice Scanner for SAP S/4HANA

Invoice Scanner for SAP S/4HANA enables accelerated invoice digitization, payment processes and data entry for SAP S/4HANA.
  • Shortens the processing of incoming invoices
  • Reduces the time required to enter invoice data
  • Increases the accuracy of invoice master data
Nagarro ES Invoice Scanner for SAP S/4HANA

What Sets Us Apart


Extensive Experience

Our consultants possess extensive experience in the installation and customization of SAP add-ons.


SAP Knowledge

We are always up to date with the very latest technologies, especially as we maintain a close partnership with SAP.


Consultancy from A to Z

We advise and support you during all phases of the launch, all the way through to optimization and user training.


Tailored Solutions

With us, you benefit from customized solutions that reflect your precise requirements.

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“The only way to gain more efficiency, productivity, and time in finance departments is with state-of-the-art software solutions such as our SAP Finance add-ons.”

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