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SAP Add-On Nagarro Speed Advice

The SAP add-on Nagarro Speed Advice accelerates the processing of notifications and enables efficient handling of special cases.

The future of payment advice processing

Do you receive a large number of extensive electronic payment advices from your customers? Are you also looking for ways to process your payment advices efficiently? And do you also need a solution that allows you to standardize payment advice processing with third parties and/or intra-company processing?


The functions of the SAP add-on Nagarro Speed Advice are convenient and intuitive to use.

Clear representation

The payment advice items awaiting post-processing are displayed to the accountant classified and compressed in separate tabs (balance 0 (optional), gross difference, not found) and supported by useful functions in the course of post-processing.

Simple editing

The incoming payment is posted via the SAP standard transaction F28. The complete payment advice is posted in one document.


With the interfaces integrated in Nagarro Speed Advice, the electronic payment advices of the large retail chains (food, building materials/DIV, electrical trade) as well as those of the purchasing associations and central regulators can be processed without any problems.

Save time and costs

Nagarro Speed Advice has an EDI converter for incoming payment advices (REMADV) integrated in SAP. The EDI mapping can be customized, which saves time and costs.

Further functions of the SAP add-on

  • Processing of invoice lists
  • Account determination for conditions
  • Automatic splitting of conditions
  • Automatic customer determination based on market or GLN numbers
  • Credit-side processing of a payment advice note or individual payment advice items
  • Simulation of the posting process before the actual posting
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Advantages at a glance


Fast implementation, fast ROI


Integrated free EDI converter

Easy processing

Processing of electronic PDF advice (without OCR)


Variable input interfaces, Processing of electronic payment advice types and payment files


Factsheet Speed Advice

Speeding up the processing of advices and efficient handling of special cases

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