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Our “Road to SAP Analytics Cloud” service walks you through the process of applying the new SAP strategy to your own reporting landscape.

Ever since SAP announced ist new reporting strategy in the shape of the SAP Analytics Cloud, many SAP customers have been questioning how to apply it to their own reporting landscape.

Above all, the fact that the SAP Analytics Cloud is the first analytics-related cloud solution at all for many companies raises questions about connectivity, data protection and the reusability of on-premise reporting applications.

Our “Road to SAP Analytics Cloud” service walks you step by step through this process: from initial familiarization with the functions and strategies through hands-on workshops to integration of the SAP Analytics Cloud in your system landscape.

Our “Road to SAP Analytics” approach supports you through every phase of analysis and implementation:

  • Discover the functionality and strategies behind the SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • Let us help you assess whether and how the SAP Analytics Cloud matches your requirements.
  • Book our SAP Analytics Cloud Jam – the ideal opportunity to fly the SAP Analytics Cloud for yourself, with flexibility to accommodate your specific questions.

The SAP Analytics Cloud is central to SAP’s strategy for self-service reporting, predictive analytics, planning and – in the future – dahboarding too.

With “BExit” in the pipeline, it is high time for every SAP customer to assess the SAP Analytics Cloud for themselves.

Any company that attaches importance to fully integrating their reporting application in the SAP system has no alternative to the SAP Analytics Cloud!

Why choose Nagarro ES as your partner ?

Nagarro ES – an SAP Gold Partner – is one of the best places to go for analytics support.

Thanks to the clear cloud strategy pursued by Nagarro ES, our internal reporting is already rooted in the SAP Analytics Cloud. That has given us early exposure to and experience of SAP Analytics – as both customer and consultant!

We developed our “Road to SAP Analytics Cloud” service package based on our experience with customers. Its aim is to give clear answers to the most common questions relating to the SAP Analytics Cloud.

  • Best practices The fruit of numerous implementation projects

  • Many years’ experience With both technical and content issues

  • Pole position Winner of the SAP Pinnacle Award 2018

  • SAP Gold Partner Close cooperation with the market leader

What our analytics experts have to say

We asked our analytics experts what makes the cloud application so special?

“There is no doubt that the Analytics Cloud has tremendous potential to help you escape from the brutal ring of BI front-ends on the winning side. No other provider has the same unique combination of reporting, planning and forecasting functions together with scripting options that let you create scalable applications on a cloud-based platform. And when the customer insists on the perfect integration of data from SAP systems, the Analytics Cloud has all the aces in its hand”

Stefan Rehm, Senior Consultant Analytics

Interested in the “Road to SAP Analytics Cloud”?

Stefan Berghaus, our Head of SAP Business Analytics, will be happy to help you!

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Interested in the “Road to SAP Analytics Cloud”?

Stefan Berghaus, our Head of SAP Business Analytics, will be happy to help you!

Contact Stefan now