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Why Customer Experience ?

Digitalization and Industry 4.0 are forcing companies to constantly adapt their business models and CRM strategies to changing market and customer situations. That in turn necessitates a CRM organization built around leading-edge software for customer management. C/4HANA leaves your company excellently placed for the future:

These days, sales teams need to always be one step ahead of the customer, to already be planning the next phases of customer interaction. The crucial thing is to never lose sight of the sales pipeline and the status of opportunities.

The SAP C/4HANA Sales Cloud gives field reps and back office staff alike access to all customer information, both online and offline. An intuitive CRM solution helps you manage your customers and potential customers smartly and efficiently.

Marketing means managing huge volumes of data, predicting customer interactions and purchasing patterns, and conducting varied and nuanced promotions across different channels. All measures target customer-specific communication.

With the SAP C/4HANA Marketing Cloud, you can perform complex operations to segment your data in seconds – and address each customer personally during every interaction.

In real time, you thus gain transparency about the results and impact of your marketing activities. That empowers you to respond quickly and flexibly to what customers want and to generate new leads.

As the digital transformation advances, so too do the number of activities and the volume of support inquiries to be dealt with across all channels (e mail, chat, phone and social media). Professional channel management is therefore essential to ensure efficient processing and optimize the use of low-cost, automated media.

The SAP C/4HANA Service Cloud guarantees effective service processes at your company. Core systems add innovative functions such as “crowd services” to the SAP service solution. In this way, smart methods also allow external technicians to be assigned to service inquiries and tracked accordingly. Service can thus become a valuable calling card for your company.

Efficiency is fundamental to successful e commerce. We optimize the quality of your data and supply you with solutions that integrate the entire process: from supplier integration through shop-based sales to payment and delivery – all of which lets you market products successfully and provide better service to your customers.

Give your customers an omnichannel shopping experience with the SAP C/4HANA Commerce Cloud. This modular solution integrates product and content management, shop functions and ERP system fulfillment.

Collaboration is another vital aspect of sales work, with pride of place going to communication: within the sales team itself, but also with partners. New tools create opportunities to share knowledge quickly and effectively.

SAP Jam Collaboration accelerates the sales cycle by enabling everyone involved in the sales process to work together more efficiently. It lets you play an active role in shaping knowledge sharing.

How you benefit from CX Suite C/4HANA

  • Digitalization and automation
    Two keys to greater efficiency in managing contact with customers

  • Digital transformation
    A potent competitive advantage

  • Powerful, flexible IT structures
    Seamless integration across systems

  • Modern, customer-centric customer relationship management
    Thanks to C/4HANA and S/4HANA Customer Management

  • Integral component of other SAP systems
    Across all communication channels and functions

  • New business models and processes
    For an excellent “share of wallet” strategy

Our CX-Factsheet

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Why choose Nagarro ES as your partner ?

Our innovative solutions for customer interaction help you chart your course to successful customer business.

The Nagarro CX experts give you all the support you need to optimize your business processes and tackle your own digital transformation. Our aim is to give you a solid basis for your future decisions and help you choose the right IT solutions from the SAP Customer Experience Suite.

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  • Many years’ experience – Customer experience expertise

  • SAP specialists – For sales, service, marketing and commerce

What our Customer Experience Experts have to say

We asked our colleagues what it is that makes our customer experience so special.

Head of SAP CRM

“Nurturing and maintaining the trust of customers is one of the most mission-critical challenges of all. We serve as a trusted advisor, supporting our customers as they design their customer experience solution.”

Thomas Joachim, Head of SAP Customer Experience Consulting
Head of SAP CRM

Interested in customer experience?

Thomas Joachim, our Head of SAP Customer Experience Consulting, will be happy to help you!

Contact Thomas now
Head of SAP CRM

Interested in customer experience?

Thomas Joachim, our Head of SAP Customer Experience Consulting, will be happy to help you!

Contact Thomas now