The most advanced ERP Business Suite

The S/4HANA Public Cloud (Multi-Tenant) contains all the essential standard processes needed in finance, sales, procurement, services, project management and component production.

What is the S/4HANA Public Cloud ?

The S/4HANA Public Cloud is the standard ERP system of the future – delivered in the form of software as a service (SaaS). It is currently available to cover financial services, professional services and component manufacturing.

The following software modules are available:

  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Portfolio and project management
  • Sales
  • Services
  • Component manufacturing
  • For innovation-driven companies – because all business processes are integrated, companies derive insights that influence their actions from real-time data, and staff productivity is increased.
  • For sales offices and foreign subsidiaries that are not to be hooked up to the core ERP system.

How you benefit from the S/4HANA Public Cloud

  • Quarterly updates – Always on the leading edge in your industry

  • Intuitive user interface – Self-explanatory operation even for inexperienced users

  • Innovation-driven solution – Innovation will be pursued first and foremost in the cloud – in line with the “SAP Cloud First Strategy”

Security in the Cloud

More and more companies are opting for cloud-based services. And when they do so, they want to know “Where is my data stored?” and “What security measures are in place?”. Detailed answers are provided at the SAP Cloud Trust Center website.

Current release updates

The release cycle in the SAP Public Cloud is very fast-paced. New functionality is rolled out automatically every three months, which makes it important always to be right up to date. For reliable information about updates, go here.

Why choose Nagarro ES as your partner ?

As an early adopter, we have been co-innovating the S/4HANA Cloud since 2016. In our capacity as an SAP Cloud Focus Partner, we are also accompanying numerous SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud implementation projects across different industries.

We can thus support you on every aspect of updates and the integration of innovations in your processes. That leaves you free to concentrate on your company’s real business – which is what the cloud is all about.

  • Cloud Focus Partner – Several years’ experience with implementation

  • Broad customer base – Across different industries

What our S/4HANA Cloud experts have to say

We asked our S/4HANA Cloud experts what makes the Cloud application so special?

Cloud ERP Thought Leader

“S/4HANA lays the foundation for the intelligent company of tomorrow. When you launch S/4HANA, you put in place a platform on which you can exploit the full potential of SAP. Whether you’re looking at machine learning, IoT or big data, the technology is there. We just need to put it to good use.”

Carl-Philipp Müller, Head of SAP Cloud Services
Account Manager SAP Cloud ERP

“Realistically, companies that don’t have a cloud strategy aren’t going to get very far in the future. And that is what motivates us: How can I help this or that company to move forward? It’s all about making smart use of systems: simplifying recurrent activities, automating things and then moving on to the next challenges.”

Marcel Hölzer, Account Manager SAP Cloud Services
Account Manager SAP Cloud ERP

Interested in the S4/HANA Cloud?

Marcel Hölzer, our Account Manager for SAP Cloud Solutions, will be happy to help you.

Contact Marcel now
Account Manager SAP Cloud ERP

Interested in the S4/HANA Cloud?

Marcel Hölzer, our Account Manager for SAP Cloud Solutions, will be happy to help you.

Contact Marcel now