Your End-to-End solution for travel management & travel expense accounting

SAP Concur is the perfect solution for every aspect of forward-looking, digital travel management.

What is SAP Concur ?

SAP Concur breaks down into six modules: Request, Budget, Travel, Locate, Expense and Intelligence. All modules can be used in the web application or via the mobile app. They can be grouped together in three main categories:

  1. Planning, booking, traveling
  2. Settlement
  3. Reimbursement

Our Nagarro Allgeier ES Concur experts advise customers to begin by installing Concur Expense, moving on to Concur Travel in a second phase to lay a logical, structured foundation for 360-degree travel management. We divide the individual project phases into Onboarding & Kick-Off, Analysis & Design, Testing & Validation and Deployment Readiness. This approach guarantees smooth overall implementation.

This software solution primarily targets companies that settle at least 150-200 travel expense accounts per month – a ballpark in which Concur can realize its full potential. One especially attractive aspect is the solution for companies with offices in at least three countries, as these are automatically incorporated in the pricing package – at no extra cost to the customer!

How you benefit from SAP Concur

  • Digitalized travel processes
    To give you a competitive advantage

  • Full control over travel guidelines
    Standard warnings are issued if guidelines are violated

  • Exhaustive documentation
    54% more original documents

  • Efficiency gains to boost your company’s performance
    Thanks to time savings, cost control, transparency and analytics options

  • Attractiveness as an employer
    Thanks to the use of modern digital technology

Why did we opt for SAP Concur ?

  • All bases covered: All four of our country organizations run SAP Concur. They all use harmonized travel guidelines and the same system for booking and settlement.
  • Mobile: The new travel expense report is app-based – a huge advantage for frequent travelers who can now photograph their invoices while on the move and produce reports directly.
  • Analysis-based: Integration in the Analytics Cloud means that the costs incurred for business travel can be audited and optimized in the long term.
  • Time savings: Thanks to the new solution, travel expenses no longer have to be booked to cost centers by the Accounting department. Instead, they are assigned directly to the right customer projects in Concur Expense.
  • Sustainable: As part of the cloud-based SAP ecosystem, Concur is part of ensuring that the whole of our IT landscape can continue to develop.

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Why choose Nagarro ES as your partner ?

We combine a unique wealth of experience with absolute professionalism and accredited expertise!

We are your young, dynamic partner for Concur, boasting outstanding knowledge and unique experience.

In our capacity as an accredited Customer Service Partner (CSP) and Concur Implementation Partner (CIP), we possess enviable expertise in everything to do with Concur. We look forward to every new project!


  • SAP Cloud Partner and SAP Gold Partner Close cooperation with SAP

  • International experience In Germany, France and Denmark

  • Remote or on-site implementation To give you maximum flexibility

  • Interface expertise Microsoft Dynamics and SAP S/4HANA

Sandra Preiser | HCM Consultant

Interested in Concur?

Sandra Preiser, our Consultant HCM Services, will be happy to help you!

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Sandra Preiser | HCM Consultant

Interested in Concur?

Sandra Preiser, our Consultant HCM Services, will be happy to help you!

Contact Sandra now