Automated Electronic Advice Note Processing

The SAP Add-On SpeedAvis from Nagarro ES gives you the ideal solution to automate electronic remittance advice notes and improve handling efficiency.

Why SpeedAvis ?

Companies these days are inundated with remittance advices from their customers in every conceivable format. Processing all these documents ties up a lot of capacity that is naturally no longer available for more highly qualified and more strategic tasks. They are also looking for ways to process advice notes (discrepancies, credit/debit notes) more efficiently, thereby keeping manual data entry and post-processing activities to a minimum. At the same time, the SAP Add-On SpeedAvis provides a simple solution to standardize the processing of advice third-party and intracompany advice notes.

Numerous factors give companies that use SpeedAvis a competitive advantage. Shorter processing times naturally lead to lower costs. But SpeedAvis also has variable inbound interfaces to handle all the different formats in which advice notes arrive.

SpeedAvis is useful to companies of any size in every industry. The only condition is that they handle a large number of remission advice notes and/or billing data from financial service providers (such as Paypal and Payone).

How you benefit from SpeedAvis

  • Standardized Avis note processing
    For third-party and/or intracompany processing

  • Optimized use of your capacity
    To cut costs, maximize revenue and free up resources

  • Efficiency gains
    To minimize manual data entry and post-processing activities

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Why choose Nagarro ES as your partner ?

We walk companies through every step of the road to SpeedAvis implementation.

We advise and support companies across every phase of the implementation of their SpeedAvis solution. That involves installing and customizing SpeedAvis, providing user training, productive operation, engineering additional interfaces and offering software maintenance contracts and/or Managed Services.

  • SAP Gold Partner – Close cooperation with SAP

  • Many years’ experience – SAP expertise accumulated more than 20 years

  • Remote or on-site implementation – To give you maximum flexibility

What our customers say

We asked our customers what they liked about Nagarro ES SpeedAvis.

“Without SpeedAvis from Nagarro ES, we’d be in a real mess today.”

Mr. Pojar, Manager Accounts Receivable, Radeberger Gruppe KG

“In practice, implementing the Add-On tool from Nagarro ES saves you about 100 hours a month.”

Herr Tetzlaf, Leiter Debitorenbuchhaltung GROHE AG

Interested in SpeedAvis?

Lara Schulz, our Senior Inside Sales Manager, will be happy to advise you.

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Interested in SpeedAvis?

Lara Schulz, our Senior Inside Sales Manager, will be happy to advise you.

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