Developing the future

Nagarro ES channels its experience and expertise into further developing the SAP standard to meet the demands of specific customers.

Why SAP Custom Development ?

Advancing the SAP standard to meet specific customer requirements is an important element of SAP projects.

At defined points, the SAP software admits enhancements to the standard based on its own logic or the use of alternative user interfaces. In such situations, customers often need specialized expertise to ensure that modifications are implemented safely and do what they are supposed to do.

To be able to expand an SAP system or develop proprietary applications based on the SAP platform, the crucial thing is access to – and a master of – the necessary technological and development skills for:

  • Add-Ons to the back end
  • Add-Ons to the front end
  • Proprietary front-end solutions

SAP’s constantly growing product portfolio requires a level of specialization that few customers can possess in full. The sheer diversity of the technologies, user interfaces and programming languages used goes far beyond the tried and trusted ABAP language.

From a technical perspective, the changes featured in the new SAP solution are enormous. In the shape of Fiori/SAP U15, S/4HANA uses a new interface technology. New technologies are likewise deployed in the back-end system. From a developmental perspective, the SAP programming language ABAP has been significantly expanded and enriched by the addition of new objects.

Moreover, the new digital core of customer solutions is complemented by the new database technology. Other cloud products from the SAP portfolio also raise the bar for the development and integration skills that are needed in the long run.

It’s best to make an early start! Work with a consultant you trust – even on the development issues that are so often underestimated – to chart a clear course for the future and avoid decisions you will regret down the line.

Regardless of company size, industry background and project content, no SAP project can get by without Add-On development work. Expanding and integrating On-Premise and/or Cloud solutions too require adaptations that – today more than ever – presuppose highly specialized expertise.

How you benefit from SAP Custom Development

  • Technical expertise
    For effective business process innovations

  • Specialized consulting from A to Z
    For smooth-running, “made-to-order” SAP systems

  • Fit for the future
    Thanks to the latest technologies and innovative approaches

Why choose Nagarro ES as your partner ?

Innovative strategies, proven expertise and years of experience with customized SAP projects: These are our key strengths!

Working in close cooperation with SAP, we have become established as one of the leading SAP Cloud partners. We ourselves have deployed the new technologies rigorously, right from the outset. Our position as an SAP customer in our own right gives us an extensive cloud-based solution landscape that includes S/4HANA Cloud Edition, Success Factors, Concur, C4C and SAC.

We then apply all this experience to the development arena – providing customers with 360-degree support for “Next Generation Development in SAP”, all based on what we have learned at first hand.

  • SAP Cloud Focus Partner
    Close cooperation with SAP – with our finger on the pulse at all times!

  • Full-service SAP specialist
    Modeling the entire SAP lifecycle

  • Driver of innovation
    Innovative solutions combined with leading-edge technologies and hands-on expertise

What our SAP Custom Development experts have to say

We asked our Director Development Services what he sees as the challenge behind the technology.

Technology lays the foundation for the SAP systems. Without an exact knowledge of the different technologies, you can neither implement nor further develop a solution successfully. Rising to the challenge of understanding a constant stream of new technologies in the context of SAP custom development – and of putting that knowledge to the best possible use – is what makes my job so exciting and demanding.

Frank Brewe, Director Development Services

Interested in SAP custom development services?

Frank Brewe, our Director Development Services, will be happy to help you!

Contact Frank now

Interested in SAP custom development services?

Frank Brewe, our Director Development Services, will be happy to help you!

Contact Frank now