Data Management and Orchestration

The Data Hub provides central control of the data flows within a company. It ensures that relevant data of the required quality is available for the processes that need it.

What is the SAP Data Hub ?

The Data Hub is built around a container-based architecture. It is a Kubernetes-based solution and is infinitely scalable.

In addition to On-Premise deployment, an SaaS version of the Data Hub on the SAP Cloud platform has also been announced and is due out before the end of 2019.

There are no limits on expansion of the Data Hub, which can use custom code based on languages such as Python and JavaScript (already supported), or even completely separate modules in other language (thanks to the integration of dedicated components and adapters).

The Data Hub is an attractive proposition for all companies that are interested in a stable, scalable solution to orchestrate their data across system boundaries. Especially for companies that have heterogeneous system landscapes including enterprise solutions from a variety of users (depending on specific requirements), the Data Hub enables these data streams to be consolidated and merged with the SAP systems that control the core operating processes.

How you benefit from the SAP Data Hub

  • Transparent data flows Enterprise ready data warehousing for both structured and unstructured data

  • Simpler implementation Link between transaction-based SAP systems and mass data storage

  • Big data is now enterprise-ready Easy integration of Apache’s BigData tools plus ML functionality

Why choose Nagarro ES as your partner ?

Nagarro ES – an SAP Gold Partner and winner of the Pinnacle Award – is one of the best places to go for cloud applications.

Our sister company MGM is a proven specialist in the field of big data. That alone yields huge benefits when converging these worlds via the Data Hub. We know both sides of the equation and possess a wealth of proven expertise.

  • SAP Cloud Partner – Close cooperation with SAP

  • International experience – In more than three countries

  • Big-picture expertise  – Integration of SAP systems and big data

What our SAP Data Hub experts have to say

We asked one of our Data Hub experts what makes this application so special?

“In the shape of the Data Hub, SAP has unveiled a tool that makes the leap from data warehouse to central data platform realistic at a cost that can be reliably calculated for corporate customers. Data lifecycles, delta handling and other topics that SAP customers have known for years from the Business Warehouse application can now, at last, also be handled at reasonable cost and effort in the Apache Open Source tool. That can transform the data lake from a confusing swamp into a valuable asset.”

Jens Braun, Senior Managing Consultant

Interested in the SAP Data Hub?

Maximilian Johannes, our expert in this field, will be happy to help you!

Contact Maximilian now

Interested in the SAP Data Hub?

Maximilian Johannes, our expert in this field, will be happy to help you!

Contact Maximilian now