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Experience gained from over 100 projects in the SAP environment makes us the go-to expert for individual test strategies.

Why test management ?

The demands are many and varied, covering all kinds of solutions, technologies and tools, as well as requiring a strict methodological approach. That is why test management is exceptionally important in the context of SAP projects.

Quality assurance and testing activities typically tie up around 30% of the budget in IT projects. That in itself is reason enough to sit up and take notice: For many companies, thorough testing is the last line of defense to validate the quality of customized developments.

The whole topic revolves around a custom-tailored test strategy that maps out the main issues to be tested in the customer’s environment. Key content includes activities, roles, the use of tools, and the integration of test activities in both projects and operation (for change and release management, for example). Individual test strategies for customers are always based on the content of the ISTQB international training format, enhanced by our own methodological toolkit. The latter draws on a wealth of experience gained in more than 100 SAP-related projects – including projects in agile environments.

Many SAP customers are currently faced with a decision about how and when to migrate to S/4HANA. For most of them, this will be the most complex project for a long time. One good way to slim down the complexity of the main project in advance is to identify potential preliminary projects and have them completed for the main project begins. These activities should also include measures to optimize the test procedures – ideally leaving customers well-prepared for testing during the main project. In the new SAP universe as in the old one, testing has a far-reaching influence on the procedures and tools adopted.

External support in the SAP environment makes sense wherever customers are uncertain about whether their own experience is up to the job of planning and performing test activities. That is equally true in project contexts, during live operation and for specialized topics such as test automation, load testing and performance testing, as well as the provisioning and anonymization of test data. The choice of test tools is likewise frequently made with external support, as test experts can contribute their advanced knowledge of this field. Our advice is to make sure planning begins in good time!

How you benefit from test management

  • Automation Across a solution’s entire lifecycle, the cost of manual test activities can be slashed by as much as 70%

  • Focused test management To ensure that live SAP systems run smoothly – and to prepare the ground for migration to S/4HANA

  • Free up valuable resources To serve your company’s performance

  • Shorter test phase Test phase shortened by 20% and more thanks to an optimized test process and the selective use of tools

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Why choose Nagarro ES as your partner ?

Nagarro ES blends many years of wide-ranging experience with accredited expertise.

Our test management team has accumulated many years of experience – most of it in projects conducted with SAP customers. On top of this practical experience, our consultants also possess relevant accreditations such as ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager and Prince II.

Our consulting practice has given us exposure to different project types involving a broad spectrum of tools to both implement and optimize the running of all kinds of SAP solutions. One of our preferred tool platforms is the SAP Solution Manager – an area in which we can provide wide-ranging advice.

  • SAP Gold Partner – Close cooperation with SAP

  • Many years’ experience – Gained from over 100 SAP projects

  • Accredited expertise – ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager and Prince II

What our test management experts have to say

We asked our test management expert why the future belongs to automated test management.

Life is too short for manual testing! Especially where specialist departments are demanding ever faster innovations in business processes, regression testing becomes so unwieldy that is barely feasible anymore. Automated testing is the solution to this challenge, and we show you how it works!

Markus Helfen, Experte für SAP Testmanagement

Interested in SAP test management?

Markus Helfen, our Director Business Development, will be happy to help you!

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Interested in SAP test management?

Markus Helfen, our Director Business Development, will be happy to help you!

Contact Markus now